And just so you know…

Product: 198 x 250w
Panels Mounting System: Sol 50
Electricity Production: 49.5KWp

And we overcame some challenges…

AWE operate large gantry cranes in the roof, which produce a lot of vibrations. There were also a number of skylights that needed to be avoided.

Careful planning and a durable, bespoke mounting system, meant PFE ensured no damage can be caused by any movement in the roof and the solar system were fitted around skylights without any loss of efficiency.

And more than a little extra incentive…

AWE also get paid for the electricity they produce through the Government’s FEED-IN TARIFF (FIT) scheme and they can even sell surplus electricity they produce.

And electricity comes rain or shine…

Solar PV panels generate electricity even when it’s a cloudy day and don’t forget, sunlight is free.

AW Engineering (AWE) wanted to reduce their high electricity bills.

Pro-Fit Energy (PFE) were carrying out some electrical contract work for AWE, when they started to talk about the rising electricity costs the company were experiencing. AWE wanted to lower their outgoing costs and take advantage of government incentive schemes to help them gain an additional income for the business.

PFE wanted to give AWE greater control over their electricity costs.

The cost and the benefits of a solution were important to AWE, so PFE designed a Solar PV Panel system that would fit AWE’s budget and give them the ability to produce electricity at a lower cost.

AWE are now generating their own low cost, environmentally friendly, renewable energy.

Some of the benefits PFE’s solution provides AWE:


The aesthetic design means that AWE’s solar PV panels are integrated into the architecture of their building.


Reduced electricity bills and AWE are generating additional income through the FIT scheme.


AWE’s electricity has an extremely low environmental footprint.

What do you think AWE?

“We have known Nick Walker of Pro-Fit Energy for a number of years, as Nick and his team have carried out installation and repair work at our engineering business and at our home. In 2013 Nick and his team installed a 50kw PV system on our factory and a 4kw system on our home – their work has always been professional and tidy without fault. We would most definitely recommend Nick and his team without hesitation.”