And just so you know…

Manufacturer: Okofen
Product: Pellematic 45 kW vacuum fed boiler
Fuel: Wood Pellets

And we overcame the unexpected…

When the cold water pressure turned out to be too low, PFE replaced the cold main to fix the problem.

And more than a little extra incentive…

Paul beneted from the RENEWABLE HEAT INCENTIVE (RHI):
He will receive quarterly payments for seven years for the heat his system produces.

And wood pellets are wonderful…

  • Renewable natural fuel
  • CO2 neutral
  • Made from residual wood from wood processing (no trees are felled just to make pellets)
  • Take up half the space of logs and a quarter of the space of wood chips

Paul wanted a warm and damp-free house.

Paul’s listed house was feeling cold and he was experiencing some issues with damp, as the boiler just wasn’t working eciently and was too small to effectively heat his home. Paul was ready for a change and after meeting Nick from Pro-Fit Energy (PFE) at the Hereford h-Energy Show, he got them round for a survey. Impressed by the level and detail of the survey, Paul gave PFE the go ahead.

PFE wanted to give Paul total control of a warm, dry home.

PFE’s survey showed that biomass would be the best way forward for Paul, providing him with an effective and efficient integrated system for his hot water and heating. The perfect solution for providing maximum comfort and complete control.

Paul now has a warm, dry house and lower bills too.

Some of the benefits PFE’s solution provides Paul:


Weather compensation controls – Paul’s biomass boiler only uses the amount of fuel needed to match the heat that is lost from his home. So the temperature Paul chooses for his house remains constant, just perfect.


Pumped return on the domestic hot water means Paul gets instant hot water from his taps.


Reduced heating costs due to improved fuel usage and Paul’s new boiler has an extended life expectancy due to reduced wear and tear.


Paul’s biomass boiler uses wood pellets and has an extremely low environmental footprint.

What do you think Paul?

“I was impressed with the care taken over pre-installation planning and when the work started. Our property was treated with respect and there was minimal disruption, even though the work was done in the depths of winter in a listed building.Nick was prompt with quotes and with the paperwork for the important RHI claim. The delivery of equipment and the progress of the installation ran like clockwork.”